David Egan
David Egan Associates Inc.

“Having worked on Construction Projects with ARK Construction, we highly recommend their Professional Work Ethics.
ARK Construction and their experienced people have brought a proven commitment of Quality Construction to our clients. Their excellent communication skills result in well run projects and satisfied customers.”

David J. Bryden
Bryden Martel Architects

“Our office has had recent experience with ARK on several University of Ottawa projects. Common to these renovation projects has been all the normal issues associated with renovation work in a University Campus environment including demanding construction schedules, unforeseen site conditions and restrictions on construction activities due to adjacent occupied spaces.
The working approach of Ark Construction has always been a highly cooperative goal focussed one coupled with a demonstrated desire to satisfy the owner’s requirements”

Scott Hayward
Pye & Richards Architects

“Each time we work with ARK, we are reminded of their professionalism and competency as a General Contractor. The quality of workmanship on their jobs is very high and always true to design and budget parameters. The onsite staff and office personnel are competent, reliable, and respectful.
Their attention to detail, strong organizational skills and overall commitment to seeing project completed were recognizable assets on such an extensive, detailed  job.”

Pierre Meredith
MHPM Project Managers

“ARK’s clear and positive communication style as well as their collaborative approach to problem solving is fundamental to the successful completion of projects they undertake.
As well, we find ARK to be fair in business relations and even handed in the resolution of disputes.  We are proud to say that the projects we have delivered with ARK have gone smoothly and efficiently and we anticipate their continued success on future construction projects they decide to undertake.”

“Schoeler & Heaton Architects worked with ARK Construction Ltd. on a high profile project to complete interior and exterior addition and renovation to an existing Chapel that was intended for the use of the Department of National Defence. The ability of ARK’s personnel to work well in a team environment was a key contributing factor to the overall success and timely completion of the project.
Our working relationship with ARK has been a very positive one.We confidently recommend ARK Construction Ltd. as a competent and qualified General Contracting firm.  They demonstrate a thorough understanding and respect of the project goals, schedule and budgetary requirements.”

Jon Harper
Schoeler & Heaton Architects

Bryan Wiens
LWG Architectural Interiors

“Over the past several years, our firm has had the good fortune to work with ARK on a variety of projects. In each case, projects were completed in a professional, organized manner. We were kept constantly informed of on-site progress and each time we faced an unforeseen site issue, ARK came with multiple options for solutions.
We have been very impressed with the quality of work provided by ARK. The fact that they have much of their own forces to carry out work, as opposed to simply coordinating the work of sub-contractors, provides an added level of quality control.”